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'Giving nature a helping hand'

  • Patios and pathways
  • Natural ‘living’ walls

  • Ponds and waterfeatures

  • Bog gardens

  • Rock gardens

  • Planting schemes

  • Wildflower beds

  • Turfing & Seeding

  • Insect and living wildlife homes

  • Wildlife corridors

If you wish to create a new garden, patio or reinvigorate a tired area within the garden you can create this beautiful and functional area whilst giving nature a home. A wildlife friendly garden doesn't have to be wild or overgrown, but can look attractive all year round without the intense maintenance you may think is required. In a sense try to imagine your garden is a nature reserve and you are the warden. I can work with you to create a garden with balance to build functional areas such as a patio together with an area for the BBQ while also incorporating wildlife habitats such a living wall for example.

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